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10+ Best AI Tools for Content Writing | Unlock Your Writing Potential

Content craftsmen no longer put the same heavy mental load on the brain as before. 

A typical workday for most content writers now starts with a few mouse clicks or keyboard strokes, handling the day’s tasks to AI. It’s like, “Hey, friend, mull over a few ideas about how my topic can be today,” or “Elaborate on this sentence with intriguing illustrations,” or, you know, anything.

And while your never-tiring, always-inspiring AI assistant is helping you out in the background, you have more time to drink your coffee, do some creative brainstorming, and come back to edit and polish AI suggestions instead of struggling with a blank page for hours.

Over 73% of B2B and B2C marketing executives use AI at their companies, with a whopping 85.1% of AI users referring to it for article writing and content creation. 

With this reality of everyone around relying on AI, aspiring content writers’ strategic edge is choosing the best AI tools for content writing, filtering through, at first glance alike, AI tools available. 

This article handpicks 10+ of the best AI content writing tools for you – relying on expert insight and reviews from real people like you.  


  • AI in content creation is a reality that saves significant time and resources for content writers and, as such, should be used to its best potential.
  • The market is so crowded with AI writing tools that promise to deliver almost the same level of support that finding which AI tool suits your needs can be overwhelming.
  • This article narrows your search to 10+ best AI content writing software with real-user reviews so you can choose from the best.

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Here’s Your Ultimate List of 10+ Best AI Tools for Content Writing

Note! The list of the best AI content writing tools below is based on users’ experience and tests of the current versions of the tools. Consequently, the list is subject to updates should any alterations occur in the features of platforms or new tools be introduced in the market. 

1. Vocable 

vocable homepage

You’ll love:

  • An A-Z solution for creating any content campaign, including ideation, planning, writing and SEO optimization
  • Wide range of templates for blog posts, Google Ads, case studies, essays, product reviews, meta titles, and more!
  • In-built keyword research and competitive analysis tools to improve search engine rankings 


Vocable is the best AI content writing tool when it comes to covering the full cycle of content creation. From the ideation feature, which allows you to generate ideas for every type of content (blog post headlines, CTAs, offers, etc.) to real-time document health check that assesses the correctness, readability, and structure of your text, Vocable can replace many content writing tools you’d otherwise need. 

If you’re into SEO writing, Vocable’s built-in keyword research and competitive analysis tools will aid you in optimizing your content for search engine ranking. The platform researches top pages ranked for your provided topic, its keyword variations and top queries, which greatly simplifies content creation for high-traffic keywords that you need to gain a lot of domain knowledge about. 

Its writing assistant is powered by natural language processing (NLP) technology, making it a reliable partner for generating human-like text. You can either import your hand-crafted initial draft for Vocable to polish or let it generate your writing from scratch with a freestyle AI editor. 

In any case, well-researched, long-form content will be ready in several minutes based on the prompt you provided. By spending a bit more on fact-checking and editing, you can produce high-quality, evergreen content that will win clicks and shares, bringing more traffic to your site. 

Vocable ai writing assistant

2. OpenAI GPT-4 

chatgpt homepage

You’ll love:

  • A more advanced version of GPT-3.5 with better outputs when you need it for complex tasks
  • Multimodal model that accepts text and image inputs

Things to consider: 

  • Available for paid users 
  • Limited requests


  • ChatGPT Plus – $20/mo


March 14th of 2023 gave the world a new GPT-4 in its first demonstration. A superior version of GPT-3.5, GPT-4 is a multimodal model capable of processing and generating text as well as images (still in progress). Unlike its predecessor, GPT-4 uses an improved mechanism for stimuli selection, allowing it to identify patterns more accurately in data delivery. 

When performing basic tasks like question-answering, you may notice little to no difference from its predecessor. However, for complex tasks like image recognition and captioning, GPT-4 has a better approach to human-level accuracy. 

For blog writers, GPT-4 promises to reduce the workload in content research and curation. However, its production is limited, and it operates on a budget-friendly basis. You should be ready to alter the limits of prompts per hour (it may be 100 prompts for every 4 hours or get reduced to 25 requests for every 3 hours). Also, the new version is not yet available to the public, but OpenAI offers access to the current version for a paid price. 

3. Writesonic 

writesonic homepage

You’ll love:

  • Powered by the new GPT-4 32K for no-fluff, highly-unique text generation
  • A full stack of AI-based tools for content writing, SEO optimization, text editing, and more!
  • Content generation in 25 languages

Things to consider: 

  • Learning curve with the interface when you’re new to the tool
  • AI response time and new screen loading are slow sometimes


  • Free – $0/mo
  • Small team – $19/mo
  • Enterprise – $500+/mo
  • Freelancer – $20/mo


If you’re looking for the must-haves of long-form SEO content in one place, Writesonic is one of the best AI content writing tools to choose from. Though this platform is rich with templates and chatbots supporting different marketing channels, its Writesonic AI Writer 5.0 is the flagship feature, powered by the latest GPT-4 32K, along with standard GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. 

Added an AI rewriter and paraphraser that can be used right inside your writing editor, Surfer SEO integration that analyzes your content against top-ranked Google pages, quick tone adjuster from funny to dramatic, and Writesonic produces great content in a few clicks. 

Additionally, it supports content in around 25 languages. Meanwhile, tests show a continuous decrease in fluff and increasing uniqueness of generated content. 

What Writesonic still lacks is a quick and intuitive interface. You may find it difficult to navigate through too many templates, tools, and options. Additionally, new screens or complex prompts can take up to several minutes of AI response time, which could be a huge bottleneck for productivity. 

4. ContentBot 

content bot homepage

You’ll love:

  • Content creation flow automation 
  • Ability to upload many commands with a single CSV file

Things to consider: 

  • You spend more credits if choosing GPT-4
  • Complicated interface


  • Starter – $19/mo
  • Premium – $59/mo
  • Premium+ – $99/mo


Skipping some standard set of content generation features that ContentBot shares with other best AI content writing tools, let’s move to the two unique offers you’ll love. 

Firstly, this platform comes with Flows Builder – a feature with 17 triggers, actions and filters that allows you to automate the content creation process. What does it mean? You set a flow of triggers, like creating blog post topics at the start of each month and generating blog post outlines once a week for specific days, and ContentBot performs these actions for you on time.

This way, your continuous content production will be coherent and valuable.

Another accelerator of content generation is a CSV file import feature. Instead of copy-pasting one prompt after another, you can use this editor to assign ContenBot a bunch of tasks with one file upload.

For example, when uploading a CSV file where one column is topic ideas, the next one includes the top keyphrases for each topic and the final one includes content length, you instruct ContentBot to create high-quality content according to all your requirements in bulk. 

Regarding cons, the interface could be easier and more intuitive. Additionally, you can use GPT-4 for an extra cost, which means consuming more credits than only GPT -3.5. 

5. SurferSEO 

SurferSEO homepage

You’ll love:

  • High-level support in SEO optimization
  • Very easy to use

Things to consider: 

  • Basic keyword research
  • Expensive


  • Starter – $29/per article
  • 10 AI Credits Pack – $261/per 10 article
  • 25 AI Credits Pack – $638/per 25 articles


If you want to feel like a solid team of the best SEO experts is standing behind your content, hinting at what should be done to outrank your competitors, SurferSEO is the best AI tool for content writing. 

It analyzes your content against 500+ on-page signals like title, meta tags, keyword density, etc., and with the help of machine learning models, shows which areas can be improved for better ranking.

You can manually control which SERP results SurferSEO should include in its SEO analysis and recommendations. You can tell it to exclude the last five results on the 1st page of Google or include results for “people also ask” and so on. 

Once this platform gives recommendations, you can instantly edit your content and see the real-time changes in the optimization score. All the suggestions appear on the right corner of your editing document (which can be a Google Doc), so it’s extremely easy to follow. 

Though SurferSEO has a keyword research tool, it’s quite a basic one, and you’ll probably need to use a more advanced keyword research tool for better results. And yes, the pricing… it’s expensive, so there might be better fits for small businesses with tight budgets. 

6. Outwrite 

Outwrite homepage

You’ll love:

  • Works right where you’re used to writing your content
  • Advanced paraphrasing tool

Things to consider: 

  • No templates for specific use cases
  • Not helpful specifically for content generation


  • Free – $0/mo
  • Pro – $24.95/mo
  • Teams – $14.95/user/mo


If you’re looking for the best AI content writing tool specifically designed to help you generate written content from scratch, skip this one. But as your content generation process often involves editing and proofreading (and that’s no less important than content generation itself), Outwrite may come in handy.

It’s a browser extension that integrates with popular writing tools like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and more. So, you don’t need to juggle between different writing tools and can use them right where you’re used to writing your content.

It gives you grammar and spelling amends, paraphrases, and synonyms, helping you reach your desired word count and accuracy level. To feel Outwrite’s full potential, don’t use its proofreading toolbox only (here, Grammarly or Hemingway may beat it), but its complete toolbox with a paraphrasing feature as well.

As you have already guessed, there are also no content generation templates. So, this AI content writer is a good choice for writers and bloggers who already have their topic ideas but need some help with editing and proofreading. 

7. ShortlyAI 

Shortly ai homepage

You’ll love:

  • Supports fiction and non-fiction content
  • Acquired by for superior content generation results

Things to consider: 

  • Produces around 100 words at a time
  • Prices went up after the acquisition


  • Annual plan – $65/mo
  • Monthly plan – $79/mo


Once just a story shortener to fit busy readers’ schedules, ShortlyAI has later transformed into an AI writing assistant that generates entire stories and articles. From 2021, it’s also acquired by (or Jasper’s owners, to be more precise) and is on an active journey to refine its content generation capabilities further.

An advantage here is that ShortlyAI can generate both fiction and non-fiction content with great accuracy. So, though there are no templates like other AI content writing tools have, your creative juices will be inspired here. 

There are two separate command sections to start your writing – long-form marketing content and any other creative story you want to generate. Anyways, you should not expect a full draft to be generated at once. ShortlyAI processes around 100 words from your title or topic idea at a time. 

For some, that’s a pro, as it allows them to move step by step and add their thoughts and ideas. But for others, it could be a disadvantage as it takes much time to generate longer text pieces compared to other AI content writing tools on this list. 

Many previous ShortlyAI users noticed the price increase in the platform’s pricing after the conversion to Jasper’s ownership. But note that it’s for higher output quality. 

8. Wordtune 

Wordtune homepage

You’ll love:

  • Easy to use both in the software and as a browser extension
  • Advanced rephrasing functionality

Things to consider: 

  • No support for generating content from scratch
  • No plagiarism check


  • Free – $0/mo
  • Plus – $14.99/mo
  • Unlimited – $22.5/mo
  • Business – Custom pricing


Among the best AI content writing tools that help you express your ideas better, Wordtune is the one with a focus on paraphrasing your content for better clarity and impact. It’s perfect for writers and bloggers who want their audience to get their point right without reading lengthy texts.

It works when you start typing in the Wordtune editor or paste your already written text there. Then, using its natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, it rewrites your sentences to be more concise, simpler, or more complex. So, it’s not a content generation tool but an editor and proofreader focused on making your ideas sound better. 

You can use it as a standalone software and browser extension. You can also set the style and tone for rephrasing, like asking the platform to make your content causal, formal, shorter, expanded, etc. 

Many users find it user-friendly, with rephrase suggestions popping up so you can easily choose your preferred rewrite options. However, there is no grammar check, which means you will need to use an AI writing tool like Grammarly to complete your text with perfect spelling and grammar. 

9. Grammarly 

grammarly homepage

You’ll love:

  • Newly released GrammarlyGO is a powerful conversational chatbot
  • Desktop and web apps + many plugins

Things to consider: 

  • No complete content generation support
  • More focused on polishing the ready text rather than generating a new one


  • Free – $0/mo
  • Premium – $12/mo
  • Business – $15/mo


A benchmark of quality in the world of content editing, proofreading, and polishing, Grammarly also introduced its AI writing assistant – GrammarlyGO. This means that alongside its real-time grammar, spelling, and syntax check, Grammarly now offers its advanced conversational chatbot, which can adjust your written piece based on your requirements, find the information you ask for, and suggest the most appropriate expressions. 

If we look at it as a conversational chatbot, this newly launched GrammarlyGO is quite smart. However, among the best AI tools for content writing designed specifically for generating long-form content, there may be better choices than GrammarlyGO. It focuses more on polishing already written content rather than generating it from scratch.

So, depending on what you need, Grammarly may still be a very useful tool. It has many plugins for desktop, web and mobile apps, so basically, it’s everywhere where you write something. 

10. Rytr 

Rytr homepage

You’ll love:

  • Content generation in 30+ languages, 20+ writing tones, 40+ pre-made use cases
  • Content writing portfolio support

Things to consider: 

  • Long-form content generation needs improvement
  • SERP analysis and keyword research tools are basic


  • Free – $0/mo
  • Saver plan – $9/mo
  • Unlimited plan – $29/mo


Pressing the “Ryte for me” button on the left-side menu gives you access to one of the best AI tools for content writing out there. Rytr comes with a wide variety of content types it supports. Firstly, there are 30+ languages other than English, including Chinese, Arabic and more!

Additionally, there are 20+ writing tones you can ask Rytr to match and 40+ pre-made use cases, including non-standard ones like song lyrics. Whenever you can’t find what you need, a Magic Command feature allows you to share custom requests for Rytr by inputting them as text.

A unique offer from Rytr is generating a content writer’s portfolio. You input details about your professional experience and the platform gives you a personal URL, “” which can be shared anywhere. 

Though the platform strives to help you generate any type of content, and it does well for most of them, its long-form content generation capabilities need improvement. 1-2 paragraphs about a specific topic are usually great. But when you try to expand it to a larger article, there are often inconsistencies and repetitions. 

There’s also more to be desired from its SERP analysis and keyword research tools, which seem a bit basic. For example, a keyword research tool doesn’t give you the ABCs of keyword research, like keyword’s search volume and difficulty. 

11. Unbounce 

Unbounce homepage

You’ll love:

  • 45+ templates for different marketing copy needs
  • Writes content with little input from the writer

Things to consider: 

  • Mostly focused on landing page content generation, not blog articles
  • Users report having more templates will be better


  • Free – $0/mo
  • Essential – $19/mo
  • Unlimited – $49/mo


If you’ve ever encountered an AI-powered landing page creation assistant, you’re probably familiar with Unbounce. It was initially designed to create converting landing pages, with its AI writing assistant Smart Copy joining the party later. 

We’ve included it in this list of the best AI content-writing software for two reasons. Firstly, generating landing page content is becoming increasingly more important content-wise. Secondly, its AI generator expanded to a large library of 45+ templates that no longer focus on landing page content only but also on many marketing use cases, including ideas for TikTok videos, etc. 

Anyways, many users say more use-case-specific templates are needed, as when used regularly, one can feel the lack of diversity of templates. 

Also, though you can use the platform for creating long-form blog content, it’s not the best AI tool for content writing in this case, as it’s more focused on landing pages. This means Unbounce is more about sales content rather than informational content. 

12. Jasper

Jasper homepage

You’ll love:

  • Generates natural text flow for long-form content, especially about the topics you frequently write about
  • Intensive speed of innovations and adding new features

Things to consider: 

  • You’re charged for generated words, even if you don’t use the output
  • Strong need for fact-checking


  • Creator – $49/mo
  • Teams – $125/mo
  • Business – Custom plan


One of the widely accepted AI-writing assistants is Jasper (formerly Jarvis), which comes with 50+ templates for pretty much anything you can think of – from social media posts to case studies and whitepapers. 

You might love the fact that templates are categorized into groups. For example, everything related to Facebook, such as posts and ad templates, is in one place for your convenience. And though it’s good for short-form copy, many also prefer it as an everyday AI writer for long-form content, as Jasper learns how you write and adjusts to it. 

We consider it one of the best AI tools for content writing because it learns from your writing style and inputted information, and that’s especially noticeable when you frequently use it for related topics. For example, if you’re a writer on pet blogs advertising a pet care clinic, with time, it will start inserting natural transition sentences between paragraphs that you usually include on your own. Moreover, it will frequently suggest information about your promoted pet care clinic that matches your tone and style. 

However, according to many reviews, fact-checking is a must on Jasper-generated outputs as there are occasional inconsistencies or wrong facts based on the inputted data. Also, you’re charged for every generated word regardless of whether you end up using it, which sometimes seems like a waste.

13. CopySmith 

CopySmith homepage

You’ll love:

  • Can personalize a copy for different audiences
  • Strong plagiarism check

Things to consider: 

  • Detailed fact-checking is needed
  • Sometimes, contradicting ideas for the same query can be generated


  • Starter – $19/mo
  • Pro plan – $49/mo
  • Enterprise plans – Custom pricing


Another best AI content writing software for both short and long-form copy, CopySmith, is an AI copywriter with the unique ability to generate personalized content for different audiences and demographics. This feature makes it stand out from other AI assistants that usually have a one-size-fits-all approach or require much input to learn about different audiences. 

With CopySmith, you can generate personalized content for different audiences segmented by age, interests, location, etc. 

Regarding short-form content, CopySmith is a template-rich tool that you can use for various purposes – from social ad copy to story plots, cliffhangers, and more!

When it comes to longer-form content, especially blog articles, a notable feature is that the platform generates its text word by word. This means there is little chance for it to generate plagiarised copy, which you can check with its integrated Copyscape plagiarism check.

You may be dissatisfied with the fact that detailed fact-checking is always needed, as there is a tendency to suggest contradicting ideas for the same query. Actually, that’s the case with many AI tools, so it’s more of a general issue than CopySmith’s flaw. 

Anyways, though the generated copy is usually grammatically correct and sounds nice, only rely on it with fact-checking, as human input is still necessary to ensure the information’s accuracy. 

14. Kafkai 

Kafkai homepage

You’ll love:

  • The quality of outputs is good if you do a little editing
  • Categories are based on niches and topics rather than content types

Things to consider: 

  • Little control over keywords, niche, or other details of the requested content
  • The type of content you can create is limited


  • Preview – $1/mo
  • Hobbyist – $9/mo
  • Writer – $29/mo
  • Blogger – $49/mo
  • Professional – $129/mo


Perhaps Kafkai is an AI writing assistant that differs from most other tools in this list. It can be your best AI tool for content writing if you’re not a niche writer and need to have meticulous requirements about the generated content. It’s also great if you’re looking for a large amount of text in no time, and the quality can be fixed with small edits.

Stated more precisely, Kafkai allows you to give it a topic, and it will give you bulk content in return. For example, ask it to write five articles about education, and you’ll have it quickly with little to no input. However, if you want to specify which keywords it should use, the desired article length, which headings you need to include (or not), or which niche you want the content to revolve around, Kafkai isn’t a fit. 

That’s quite limiting, especially for business writing. 

Again, if there are no strict requirements, Kafkai comes with different categories like music, fashion, etc., for those who don’t want to enter a broad topic and would prefer more focused content. It’s not split based on content types, as other tools do. For some, that can be more convenient, as you won’t need to spend time scrolling through a long list of templates but rather choose among a few categories. 

Overall, the long-form content that Kafkai generates can work well if you have time to edit its output and adapt it to your needs. 

15. Nichesss 

Nichesss homepage

You’ll love:

  • Supports different types of content
  • Assisting in generating marketing ideas

Things to consider: 

  • Relies on GPT-3
  • It may lack original ideas


  • Rookie – $19/mo
  • Intermediate – $39/mo
  • Pro – $99/mo


It’s time to close our list of the best AI tools for content writing, and we’re doing so with an AI tool that can help you create different types of content and also go broader to support you with marketing ideas. So, its two crucial pillars are idea generation and content creation. Talking about the first one, the platform can analyze ad trends, social networks and similar resources to give you ideas for different marketing ideas, including designs, advertising materials, etc. 

Furthermore, it can help you generate suitable persuasive content for those ideas. So, it can be considered an all-in-one tool for content marketing, where you get an informative copy and one that converts. 

Talking about the cons, this platform still relies on GPT-3 when conducting its tasks. Considering the best AI content writing tools have already shifted to GPT-3.5 or even GPT-4, that’s a drawback. Of course, GPT-3 is still impressive in creating human-like text, but it’s not as good as its more advanced versions in that aspect.

Plus, as Nichesss relies on a limited amount of data when generating ideas (whatever it can find online for you), it may lack originality in terms of uniqueness. For example, it can sometimes suggest ideas or content similar to what’s already out there, so you should watch out to avoid unintentionally ending up with plagiarized content. 

Summing Up

New realms of content generation have opened up since AI-based tools have taken the stage. It’s no longer about heavy pressure on human writers’ shoulders but wise usage of the human brain and the ever-evolving power of AI content generation that makes for the best content. 

In this new era, the only challenge content writers face is which AI tools to get friends with. 

Get the best AI tools for content writing into your arsenal, and you’ll double your productivity, boost your business and keep generating the best content for your audience! 

Choose it wrong, and you’ll waste your time, effort and money while getting a bunch of mediocre articles. 

To help you make the right choice, we’ve compiled this list of the best AI tools for content writing. The above list allows you to choose tools for specific types of content writing or universal tools that can support you in all types, whatever your budget. 

If the latter is your preference, we recommend you try Vocable, a holistic AI content platform that manages all your writing needs from one spot

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