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AI Weekly Digest: AI Conquers the World – From eCommerce to Healthcare

Do you know what day it is today? It’s Thursday! The favorite day of tech enthusiasts! We are here with a new portion of exciting news happening in the pulse-pounding world of AI innovation.

Our editorial staff is always sifting through the AI news flow in an effort to uncover the most intriguing and thought-provoking business insights. 

Today’s topic includes:

1. Amazon Aims to One Up ChatGPT With ‘Olympus’ AI

Amazon is working on a new artificial intelligence (AI) called ‘Olympus’ that aims to be better than OpenAI’s ChatGPT by doubling the number of internal variables or parameters it uses. These parameters help the AI make decisions and understand language. The goal is to have 2 trillion parameters, twice as many as ChatGPT. While having more parameters can make the AI smarter, it also comes with challenges like slower results and higher energy usage. Amazon had previously worked on another AI, Titan, but reportedly delayed it because it didn’t perform well compared to ChatGPT. If successful, Olympus could improve Amazon’s AI products, including its virtual assistant, Alexa.

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2. The Retail Revolution: How AI is Transforming How We Shop

AI has a transformative impact on the retail industry, emphasizing a shift from traditional shopping experiences to more personalized and efficient ones. Imagine a future where AI is a shopping assistant, understanding individual tastes and styles to provide a tailored experience. The example of Amazon Go shows how AI enables an easy and unique shopping experience by allowing customers to walk in and out without waiting in line to pay.

AI can do more for us than make shopping easier. In the background, it’s a powerful force.

Thanks to this new technology, Stores can now foresee trends, control inventories, and even optimize their supply chains. Have you ever observed that you start receiving texts from your regular retailers just before your things are about to run out? This is where artificial intelligence is leading us.

AI fills the void between digital ease of use and customized service. There are countless opportunities. In essence, AI is a tool that saves time and contributes to making shopping more enjoyable for every shopper.

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3. OpenAI Battles DDos Against Its API and ChatGPT Services

OpenAI is facing problems because of attacks on its services. These attacks, known as DDoS, have happened for the past day. OpenAI has yet to share all the details about where the attacks are coming from, but they say there have been issues with the services because of a strange increase in traffic, which usually happens during a DDoS attack. ChatGPT users faced errors like “something seems to have gone wrong.”

This recent attack is part of a series, with previous disruptions earlier in the week. OpenAI explained these earlier problems as being due to high demand, and they assured users they were working to fix it. However, a group called Anonymous Sudan has claimed responsibility for these attacks. They say it’s because they think OpenAI is biased towards Israel and against Palestine. The attackers used a botnet called SkyNet for the DDoS attacks.

Some experts are skeptical about the claims of responsibility, suggesting it might be a false flag operation and the group might be connected to Russia instead. This situation highlights the ongoing challenges organizations face with DDoS attacks and the difficulty of figuring out who’s behind them.

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4. Google Expands Partnership With Anthropic to Enhance AI Safety

Anthropic has been working with Google since they started in 2021, building one of the biggest Google Kubernetes Engine clusters. Now, they’ll use Google’s latest chips to improve their language model.

The two companies recently joined an AI Safety Summit in the UK to discuss making AI safe. 

As a result the companies are currently collaborating on projects like the Frontier Model Forum and MLCommons.

They’re also working together on projects like the Frontier Model Forum and MLCommons to make sure AI is safe. Anthropic now uses Google’s security services to keep its models safe.

The CEO of Google Cloud, Thomas Kurian, says this partnership will bring AI to more people resulting in enhanced user experience.

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5. Healthcare’s Pulse on Artificial Intelligence

A recent survey indicates that 94% of healthcare companies utilize AI and Machine Learning in various capacities. AI/ML is essential to healthcare by processing complex medical data, enabling swift analysis predictions, and enhancing drug discovery, disease detection, at-home care, health monitoring, and healthcare efficiency.

AI has the potential to significantly reduce drug development costs and timeframes, improving the chances of successful drug approval. Notably, AI played a crucial role in expediting the development of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. AI is superior to human specialists in detecting diseases such as skin, lung cancer, and autism. This leads to improved health outcomes and cost savings.

In-home AI applications help patients adhere to treatments and medications while enhancing health monitoring through Internet of Things devices. 

The healthcare AI market is expected to rise significantly, from $11 billion in 2021 to $180 billion by 2030. 

The TrueShares Technology, Deep Learning, and AI ETF (LRNZ) offer exposure to technology companies, including those in biotechnology and healthcare, leading AI advancements in the field, ultimately impacting the future of healthcare.

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What’s Next?

Summing up, in this week’s AI Digest, we covered topics from AI’s impact on retail transformation to the growing role of AI in healthcare, promising substantial market growth.

Stay tuned for the most recent developments in AI as we present you with juicy and fascinating news.

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