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Unleash the Power of AI Content Writing Tools and Transform Your Writing Experience!

The verdict is that AI is a modern writer’s best friend – saving a huge chunk of time while producing high-quality content, boosting productivity, and eliminating Writer’s block. 

Artificial intelligence is unbeatable in its ability to produce vast amounts of content at a lightning pace. However, it still falls short of replicating the genuine human touch of injecting emotions and personal perspective into the content, making it deep and relatable to the audience. 

So, no more anxiety about “AI taking over writing jobs”. Instead, we are welcoming AI as valuable assistance in our creative endeavors.

Choosing the Crème de la Crème of AI Content Writing Tools

There are many AI content creation tools available in the market, from outshining names like ChatGPT to emerging ones striving to make a mark. 

However, aspiring content writers who value the quality of their delivered content should know one truth. 

If the AI writing tool is not built on the LLM (large language models) of sufficient size, even a very detailed prompt can’t help you get a quality output. 

Not all AI tools for content writing are equally helpful. So, with the collective aim of benefiting the content creation community and delivering top-notch content to modern readers, we recommend choosing from the AI content tools below – picked based on tests, ratings, and reviews of expert content creators. 

10+ AI Content Writing Tools You Didn’t Know You Need

  1. Vocable 1| Content maturity platform for the entire content production workflow – from ideation to publishing
  2. Clickup | A popular project management and collaboration tool now enriched with an AI-writing assistant for short-form copies
  3. | Most suitable for long-form content generation, although enriched with a large library of content generation templates for different social channels and purposes
  4. Writer | One of the rare AI content writing tools that operate on their own, transparent LLM to produce content for middle and large businesses and agencies
  5. Surfer | A powerful tool combining AI writing assistant with a robust text health analyzer that hints you where and how to use keywords to outrank competitors
  6. Writesonic | An AI content generation tool that combines Writesonic writer, Chatsonic chatbot, Audiosonic for audio content creation and other multipurpose tools
  7. ChatGPT | The most renowned chat in the content generation industry, still facing some issues with accurate fact-checking, but with an intensive release of new, better versions
  8. HubSpot | A comprehensive marketing and CRM platform with its AI-based copywriter still operating in Beta version, suitable for short-form copy and email response generation
  9. Grammarly | A leading tool that provides text generation and improvement suggestions based on tone of voice, provided content, brand guidelines and other criteria
  10. | A chat-like AI content writing tool that outputs different types of content based on your prompts shared in the form of live communication
  11. Rytr | A robust, multipurpose AI content generator suitable for 40+ use cases, 30+ languages and 20+ types of tone of voice
  12. Frase | A specialized platform that analyzes SERP results in the intuitive web research dashboard and creates SEO-optimized outlines and drafts
  13. QuillBot | Paraphraser, text summarizer, word processor and AI-text generator that automatically puts citations in your content to avoid copyright issues

Note! The list of the best AI content writing tools below is based on users’ experience and tests of the current versions of the tools. Consequently, the list is subject to updates should any alterations occur in the features of platforms or new tools be introduced in the market. 

1. Vocable

A complete content automation platform, Vocable helps content creators handle the entire process of ideating, creating and collaborating on content. From researching keywords and finding customer-specific queries to creating and assigning briefs to corresponding team members, Vocable is one of the most versatile, user-friendly AI platforms for content writing. 

What’s best with it is that you can literally stay on the same page with all your content team members, editing, commenting and changing the status of the content saved in shared docs. 

With its rich toolbox, Vocable is best for content teams seeking an all-in-one tool for managing the A-Z process of creating content. It’s also helpful for businesses that want to streamline their content workflow and straighten up their branding game by keeping consistency in tone, style and grammar. 

AI content generator

Keyword Research and Topic Ideas

Keyword generation with ai

The built-in AI algorithm researches and analyzes keyword variations for your inserted keyword, giving you a list of your content’s most relevant and trendy topic ideas. You can then quickly filter the most relevant customer-specific queries based on keyword difficulty, search volume, and other crucial SEO criteria.

Content Briefs

Vocable ai editor set tone of voice

Generate blog outlines, long-form content ideas, and other types of briefs with Vocable’s AI-based tools. Describe the goal, format, and tone of the content you are seeking to get the outline that best fits your requirements. 

When the outline is ready, assign it to your writing team, set deadlines and check the progress right from Vocable’s dashboard. 

AI Content Generation

Ai content generation online

Use the Vocable & ChatGPT toolkit to create AI-generated content based on the detailed instructions you provided. Upload your branding guidelines, including the smallest details like the preferred vocabulary and expressions, and see how Vocable matches your style and voice. 

When ready, improve Document Health with the Entry Editor with the proofreading and style suggestion features.

Edit, Comment and Collaborate

Ai content editing and collaboration

Not good at working with multiple tabs while collaborating on content? Leave that to Vocable. Edit, comment, chat, and assign tasks all on the same page. Keep track of changes, see who is assigned to what task, and comment on content directly from the shared editor for an efficient workflow.

AiI content cta

2. Clickup

The giant in project management and collaboration platforms, Clickup is now also one of the best AI tools for content creation. Any written content – from campaign strategies, surveys, new product launch plans, naming and more – can be generated with the AI-based tools of Clickup.

There are 30+ AI tools designed to serve the needs of any industry team. You may be required to fill in different prompt questions based on the type of content you want to generate. The result is an optimized, goal-specific text that you can edit, comment on and collaborate with your team before finalizing.

Best for…

  • creating written content for different purposes, including customer support, marketing, project management, etc.
  • generating summaries of lengthy content
  • extracting insights from Google Docs
  • writing down action items


  • A very multipurpose platform that has a steep learning curve to master


  • Unlimited – $10/mo
  • Business – $19/mo
  • Business Plan – $29/mo
  • Enterprise – custom pricing


Jasper homepage

Among the top 10 AI content writing tools of many reputable software review sites, is a template-based platform where you have separate sections for each type of content you want to generate. From creating CTAs for your provided AI copy to generating the A-Z of a large tutorial guide, Jasper performs well when it comes to creating concise, informative and efficient content.

It also comes with a CopyScape plagiarism checker to ensure the originality of the generated content. So, you don’t need to export content from Jasper to check for duplicate content, which is a time-saver.

Best for…

  • different content templates, including short-form and long-form content 
  • special templates and style adaption for platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
  • simple and user-friendly interface
  • high-quality content output thanks to advanced web reading and testing algorithms


  • Generates long-form content part by part, requiring human intervention to put it all together


  • Creator – $49/mo
  • Teams – $125/mo
  • Business – custom pricing

4. Writer

Writer homepage

If you’re interested in enterprise-level AI tools for content creators, Writer is a good solution. It’s designed for medium to large businesses and agencies, whose core emphasis is on team collaboration. 

Compared to many other content AI tools that rely on third-party LLMs, Writer works with its own open LLM called Palmyra. Additionally, it combines NLP and ML with your uploaded brand guidelines and approved content pieces to produce unique, brand-friendly content. 

One of the most convenient features of Writer is its seamless integration with Word, Figma, Google Docs and many other popular writing and design tools. The system is trained on 1 trillion tokens of business writing, allowing for more precise content output.

Best for…

  • industry-specific content like healthcare, marketing, etc.
  • prebuilt and custom templates for different use cases
  • factual accuracy and brand alignment of the generated content
  • own family of LLMs for increased content quality and alignment


  • Though very suitable for team collaboration, Writer falls a bit behind other AI content generator tools in terms of solo user experience


  • Team – $18/user/mo
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

5. Surfer

Surfer homepage

Your two most-needed AI tools for content – content generator and SEO optimizer are combined in the Surfer AI. Once you enter the main keyword you want to write an article for, Surfer will scan and analyze around 300 thousand words related to the topic to generate a comprehensive article. 

Thanks to smart analysis, Surfer can suggest a tone of voice suitable for the keyword’s search intent and available SERP results. Meanwhile, you can also set the tone of voice as well as other parameters such as the key competitors to analyze, the keywords to include and exclude, etc.

With its recent AI upgrade, surfer is one of the best AI tools for content writing. The tool currently relies on the GPT-4 engine. Consequently, it reduces repetition in the generated content and makes smoother transitions between ideas. Lastly, Surfer helps you optimize the generated content with real-time suggestions like how many related keywords to include, where to put them, and more.

Best for…

  • SEO content generation and optimization
  • adjusting the tone of voice to the SERP and competitors
  • deep research on target keywords and content structure
  • fact-checking for plagiarism, spelling and grammar mistakes with enhanced AI


  • Expensive compared to other similar AI content-writing tools


  • Essential – $89/mo
  • Advanced – $179/mo
  • MAX – $299/mo
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

6. Writesonic

Writesonic homepage

One of the multipurpose AI tools for content, Writesonic combines the writing assistant AI article writer, Chatsonic GPT-like chatbot, Photosonic for visual and Audiosonic for audio types of content creation. Its AI writing assistant allows you to upload your best-performing content along with brand guidelines to produce content that aligns with your brand voice.

You can also choose which competitor articles the platform should analyze in order to provide high-quality content that outranks others in the niche. 

One can refer to Writesonic as one of the free AI tools for content creation, as it has a forever Free version limited to one user and 10,000 words per month. For more advanced functionality, you need to upgrade. 

Best for…

  • content production in different languages
  • generating content that aligns with your brand guidelines and best-performing content
  • Chatsonic that promises to outperform ChatGPT with more features
  • competitor outranking thanks to detailed analysis of top-ranking results


  • Long-form content is a bit generic compared to other AI tools for content marketers


  • Free – $0/mo
  • Small team – $19/mo
  • Freelancer – $20/mo
  • Enterprise – $500+

7. ChatGPT

Chatgpt homepage

The most popular free content writing AI tool, ChatGPT, is the industry-leader language generation model that took the world by storm with its ability to assist creators with various writing tasks. Thanks to its dialogue format, this platform continuously learns from follow-up questions, admits its mistakes, learns to reject inappropriate requests, etc. 

Though not the best tool for long-form content, ChatGPT is great for content summarization, idea generation, short-form content and even SEO-optimized titles. For now, you can use its free version, which becomes unavailable from time to time because of too many requests. 

ChatGPT Plus – it’s new subscription model promises general access to the platform even during peak times and faster response rates. 

Best for…

  • producing unlimited content ideas free of charge
  • brainstorming and idea generation to overcome Writer’s block
  • generating short-form content such as headlines and social media posts
  • AI assistance for other writing tasks like translation and summarization


  • Not suitable for producing original, long-form content that requires vast fact-checking


  • Free – $0/mo
  • ChatGPT Plus – $20/mo

8. HubSpot 

Hubspot homepage

This CRM solution has many names. It’s a popular tool among sales and marketing people, and now, it’s also one of the most promising free AI content writing tools with HubSpot AI content writer available in Public Beta. 

Basically, the platform can help you with many tasks that other AI content writing tools do. You can use prompts to customize length, tone, readability level and other specifics the AI should follow to produce content resembling yours. And thanks to integration with other HubSpot tools, your generated content can be created and sent through email, for example, along with a detailed analysis of its performance. 

Best for…

  • generating content and using advanced AI copywriting tools free of charge
  • integrating AI-based writing tools with other HubSpot tools
  • having more content without adding significant resources and budget
  • creating high-quality content tailored for different platforms


  • Yet lagging behind other AI content writing tools in long-form content creation


  • Free – $0/mo

9. Grammarly

Grammarly homepage

Started as a grammar and text checker, Grammarly is now one of the AI tools in content writing thanks to its generative AI – GrammarlyGO. Trained for years to analyze and score content based on the provided content requirements and tone of voice, this AI writing assistant’s best advantage is its ability to fit its generated text into your brand’s voice. 

It can help you combine blog outlines, rewrite and summarize the provided text, ideate content topics, and more. If you already use Grammarly’s paid plan for getting content improvement suggestions, you can also access GrammarlyGO features. Additionally, all Grammarly users have up to 100 renewable free prompts each month to try this innovation. 

Best for…

  • getting content that fits your personal writing style
  • receiving AI-based content creation services along with generating
  • AI co-creator that understands the context and goals of your message before continuing it
  • customizing tone, relevance, style and other parameters of the text


  • The AI generator goes offline sometimes and is still in its Beta version 


  • Free – $0/mo
  • Premium – $12/mo
  • Business – $15/mo


Copyai homepage

Bringing you one more of the best free AI content creation tools, is a powerful NLP-based text machine that can generate texts for different purposes in seconds. It works with ChatGPT-4 API access, so you can expect high-quality content output.

Copy.AI is a chatbot-like tool that works for various writing tasks: marketing copies, social media posts, product descriptions and even app content. You type your request in the real-time chat, and the AI suggests content. 

Additionally, comes with workflows for eCommerce, social media, SEO and sales. These newly introduced features are designed to provide you with industry-specific content. For example, with eCommerce workflow, you can create high-converting product descriptions. Sales workflow helps generate professional outreach messages and battle cards for customer objections. 

Best for…

  • different workflows, each designed for a specific content generation task 
  • adding brand voice and ensuring the generated content aligns with your brand’s tone
  • creating multiple versions of the same content for AB testing 
  • ease of use and intuitive interface of chatbot


  • Sometimes, the quality of responses resembles more that of GPT-3 rather than GPT-4


  • Free – $0/mo
  • Pro – $49/mo
  • Team – $249/mo
  • Growth – $1,333/mo
  • Scale – $4,000/mo

11. Rytr

Rytr homepage

Top AI content writing tools frequently feature Rytr for its robust functionality, helping it generate content for 40+ use cases in 30+ languages and your preferred tone of voice. Rytr uses scientific copywriting formulas like AIDA and PAS while creating content, so the generated texts are highly likely to be of high quality and require little to no editing. 

There are unlimited content creation options for you, from product descriptions and marketing copies to creative scripts and college essays. It would take Rytr around 15 minutes to generate a text of around 1,000 words – a bit longer than and other tools, but worth the wait, as many reviewers mention. 

Rytr also allows team collaboration with its features to save and organize all generated content pieces into the library, managing team member account access, billing and other features. 

Best for…

  • benefitting from many available use cases and more than 30 languages
  • receiving content that uses scientific copywriting formulas behind AI algorithm
  • organizing team collaboration and saving the history of previously generated content
  • working on Shopify and WordPress with robust plugins


  • takes longer to produce long-form content compared to other AI content writing tools


  • Free – $0/mo
  • Saver plan – $9/mo
  • Unlimited plan – $29/mo

12. Frase

Frase homepage

Talking about the best AI tools for content creators, we can’t forget Frase – an SEO-optimized AI text generator that thoroughly analyzes SERP results for the given query and generates content with popular phrases and keywords.

When you input the topic to write about, Frase displays competitor content analysis results in an intuitive research panel. You can see here the key metrics like word count, heading count, DRs and other SEO parameters to determine the ideal content type you want to create. 

The next step is generating outlines with the friendly Outline Builder with controlled outputs for introductions, FAQ sections, main content bodies, outros, and more. If you’re happy with the outline, Frase will generate the complete draft based on the keywords and prompts you provided, ensuring the keyword and popular phrases are properly used across the text.

Best for…

  • analyzing competitor content and SERP metrics to create outperforming content
  • generating headings and subheadings inspired by the top-performing content in your niche
  • quickly creating blog content outlines in the intuitive Outline Builder dashboard
  • producing SEO-optimized content in team collaboration


  • Sometimes, the tool can provide inaccurate results of SEO keywords and SERP-based recommendations 


  • Solo – $14.99/mo
  • Basic – $44.99/mo
  • Team – $144.99/mo

13. QuillBot

We can include QuillBot in our list of the best AI content writing tools since it introduced its AI co-writer. Before that, QuillBot was mainly popular as a paraphrasing tool that rewrites sentences with the same meaning in a different way. Moreover, it has a content summarizer, grammar checker, and word changer tools – complementing its main function. 

QuillBot’s AI-based word processor helps research, summarize and paraphrase the best performing content in your niche. As a result, QuillBot generates original and SEO-friendly content for your blog posts, essays, emails, or whatever purpose you need.

Another feature that is worth mentioning is automated citing, which helps ensure that the AI-generated content is unique, well-researched, and properly cited. Besides using copyright issues, this also helps improve the content quality and credibility.

Best for…

  • content generation with built-in grammar checking and citations
  • analyzing SERP results with the built-in web search without leaving the editor
  • adding citations automatically based on the inserted web content
  • using the Suggest text feature that continues your writing based on the existing text


  • Limited word count for certain content generation and editing tools – even in the premium plan


  • Free – $0/mo
  • Premium – $9.95/mo

Ai content amplified

To Wrap Things Up

AI content writing tools are no longer the future but the present of content creation. With no AI-based content generator in your arsenal, you are less likely to compete in the modern market, as long turnarounds of generating quality content are no longer acceptable. 

With the AI assistant, you have free time to focus on what the human brain does best – finding unique approaches and ideas. The AI will do the rest of the job, researching the web, scrolling through SERP, and extracting the most relevant and popular phrases to use in the content.

Most importantly, AI waves goodbye to the Writer’s block (or a writer’s nightmare to be more accurate). It can never run out of ideas, never be too tired to think (hoping for less out-of-service messages), and never be out of inspiration. 

Start Your AI-Powered Content Creation Journey Today!

If you’re just starting with AI-based content creation, you need a platform that will welcome you with simplicity and high-functionality combined. So, we recommend you try Vocable – the all-in-one AI content writing solution that covers the entire content writing workflow from basic keyword research to final draft generation, approval and publishing. 

AI powered content tool
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